Why You Need to Narrow Your Target Market in the Real Estate Industry  

We’ve all seen the commercials on TV advertising the perfect remedy for irritable stomach pain or the YouTube ad about advertising your business to the masses. They’re generally well-produced and very informative, but they’re not for everyone.   

While these brands can probably afford to advertise on more prominent platforms to wider audiences, it’s likely that if you’re a real estate agent or real estate agency owner (or anyone operating in the real estate and housing industry), you’re going to need a more niche audiences to target with your ads.   

The truth is that not everybody is interested in what you offer, and that’s okay! That’s also one of the reasons you need to narrow down your target market.   

Go Deep, Not Wide  

One major benefit of narrowing your target market is that your message can become more customized to your ideal customer. We’re pretty sure that anybody who looks for a service online (or in person) prefers a message from a business or company that speaks more to their needs than not.   

Expecting mothers don’t want to hear about a “good and reliable” diaper, but rather, they want to know if the diaper will be effective at holding and absorbing their newborn’s “toilet action” and if they’ll be able to afford it along with all the other expenses that a baby brings. This way, a more personal and customized message to a more narrowed-down market can make all the difference to a consumer.   

If you have listings perfect for a new family, it’s probably a good idea to target people who are first-time homebuyers with a child or children, not just people interested in buying a home, because that could include bachelors with no children. This way, you’ll be able to target your marketing and communication toward those specific types of people.   

How Can You Narrow Your Target Market?  

There are a couple of things you can start doing to make your target audience more specific. The first is jotting down what your ideal target looks like. Start by figuring out what demographics they fall under in society, keeping in mind what you are offering and whether or not it will be needed by this demographic.  

Who is your target market?  

The next step is to begin researching where this demographic spends most of its time online.   

Where will you be able to reach them?   

Once you’ve identified your ideal target market and where they’re most active, you should find out all you can about their various barriers and pain points.  

How can your company or YOU help them?  

In doing this due diligence, you’ll create a trustworthy profile of the consumer you will target.   

If you’re in the real estate industry and looking to expand your reach and grow your company and listings, we at BRBD Marketing would love to talk to you. Whether you have just started your real estate journey or are a hardened vet in the real estate game – we can help you create and meet the needs of a new and more niche target market!   

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