What is a SEO Site Audit? 

We all know the value of a regular check-up with our local GP, right?  

Even if there seems to be nothing wrong, there’s a general consensus about the necessity of seeing a doctor on a regular, or at least semi-regular, basis.  

The point of these check-ups is to make sure that nothing is, in fact, wrong, and to make sure that everything in our bodies is functioning as it’s supposed to. If your GP was to discover a discrepancy of some kind, he or she would then prescribe the necessary treatment to heal or fix whatever the issue may be.  

You may be wondering what seeing a GP has to do with an SEO site audit. The truth is, we’re actually going to be talking about the importance of GPs for the rest of this piece.  


The reason we’re talking about GP visits is that a SEO site audit is essentially the same thing, but for your website. See what we did there? A SEO site audit is a regular “check-up” and analysis of the factors that impact your ranking on a Google search. The point of these audits is to see what’s working and what’s not and then figure out what to start implementing to continue increasing traffic to your site.  

What Does a SEO Site Audit Do? 

There are two parts of your website that require regular SEO auditing. They are technical SEO audits, and on-page SEO audits. We usually use a plethora of programs for our clients when conducting audits. 

The technical part of a SEO audit focuses on the back-end and development parts of your website. They highlight the technical factors that may be contributing to your website’s ranking, such as the mobile-friendliness of your site, the page speed, and the general accessibility of the site, to name a few. These factors all influence your website’s ranking on Google, so if your website doesn’t load images fast enough, for example, your site will probably rank pretty poorly. A technical SEO audit helps identify some of these problems, so you can then rectify them appropriately and hopefully improve your website’s ranking over time. 

SEO audits also analyse and reveal any on-page elements that may be contributing to your ranking. Elements like metadata, content length and general user experience of your site are all viewed from a SEO point and how they contribute to your website’s ranking.  

The Benefits of Regular SEO Site Audits 

In the same way you keep your body healthy and functioning by doing regular check-ups, SEO site audits help keep your website healthy and functioning. These audits explain the ‘why’ behind your site’s ranking and provide valuable insights into how to improve the ranking. It’s one thing to know you have a slow-loading page, but it’s another thing to know why it’s slow-loading. SEO site audits help with this. 

It’s always a good idea to audit your website so you can stay up-to-date with current algorithms and guidelines. Nothing will contribute to poor ranking more than a lack of consistency and upkeep of your website. Keep up with the times! 

The whole goal of using SEO practices for your website is to reach more people organically. The way you do this is through quality content that’s relevant to the needs of consumers, using specific keywords and links (among other things) that provide value. It’s hard to do this well and see the fruits of it in the long term if you don’t regularly perform a SEO site audit.   

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