What does a Social Media Marketing Agency do?

It’s been said that social media is a complex beast that needs taming. While this is not quite true, a professional Social Media Marketing Agency could probably help you keep your audience engaged more and help you generate more sales from your followers. That’s a good start! 

At BRBD, we believe in growing organically on social media. We love that word: organic. But what does this mean, exactly? Well, for one thing, we don’t SPAM. Nobody likes SPAM. So, we focus on gaining customers with natural, value-driven methods instead. This includes posting valuable content and information landing pages to help convert your readers/followers into valuable, long-term customers. 

We recently wrote about how and why you should start a business blog, but how do you use this information on social media? Is this something a social media marketing agency would cover? 

Step One: Use Your Blog Content on Social Media  

Making and creating brand new content and ideas for your social media when you already have valuable blog content makes very little sense. No, you can’t post a full blog post on Facebook, but you can use some of the points and ideas from your blog and shorten them to fit specific social media platforms. 

You can also link this content back to your blog, driving more people to your website. This allows you more customisation to convert these leads and readers into customers. 

Step Two: Ask Questions 

We all know that questions are more engaging on social media. They require a response/action from the viewer/reader, which can be beneficial for your business as they will help them engage with your content. Questions like “do you use social media for your business?” are great options. You can tailor it to suit your blog post and business. 

Step Three: Automate the Process 

No one has time to manually post all of their social media content. This is why using automation software like Sendible or Hootsuite is a great way to free up time and remain more consistent on social media. These posts allow you to link your blog to your social media and can post everything at specific times to ensure you get your valuable content out as soon as your users are ready to receive it. 

Social media doesn’t have to be a complex and scary beast. Good processes and planning can help with that. In saying that, however, sometimes it’s just easier to get a Social Media Marketing Agency to help you manage all of this. From creation to automation, and beyond – an agency can help your business achieve heights you never thought possible with social media.  

If the digital worlds of Instagram and Facebook and the like are getting the better of you, consider getting in touch with us, and let’s talk about how we can grow your social media platforms and, in turn, your business!  

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