The Power of PR and Outreach

PR or Public relations has been a major part of growing and marketing a company for decades. A major part of this job is handling your companies image and doing press releases. This part of the job has changed a little in the new day-in-age and has been amalgamated into Digital Marketing. In fact, it makes up a crucial part of Digital Marketing in South Africa.

This new day part of PR forms a crucial part of building backlinks and mentions needed in a successful SEO strategy. At BRBD, we use this method with many of our clients and have seen great results thus far. We have seen an increase in ranking and traffic due to these PR methods.

How do Backlinks Help?

Backlinks or link backs as they are sometimes referred to as, are links from other websites to your own. This acts as a signal to Google Search saying that your website is more trusted. It is almost like a referral or review from one site to another.

To get backlinks, you need to have content or experience worth linking to. Google looks at the quality of websites linking to you. These high authority websites are not going to link to bad content, and so having high quality content is key.

Having contacts in these news websites can also help in getting your content placed. A Digital Marketing Firm is always expanding and growing its network to help its clients place articles.


Where should you get your content placed?

Placing your content anywhere and everywhere is not the best option or idea. The readers of Dogs Monthly are probably not going to be interested in your article on Car Insurance. However, the reads of Financial Bay or Once A Week would be interested. It is all about matching up your content with Niche High Quality websites.

Building your businesses image through outreach and PR is a great way to grow your business in the 21st century. Working with a Digital Marketing Firm like BRBD is a great way of ensuring constant high-quality content is being produced and placed.

Change the way your business is seen in 2021!

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