How writing will increase your sales?

When you think of sales, you probably think of that sleazy car salesman who polishes out the rust marks. But the new online world has brought on a different way of doing sales. From videos to social media, there are many ways to sell on the internet without being salesy.  

Never underestimate the power of writing that is engaging, informative and creative. There’s only so much that a flashy and colourful website can do to grab the user’s attention. With a visitor’s attention span being only 10 to 20 seconds, it is crucial for you to connect with your audience and establish a connection within those short seconds. 

Writing can be a great way to sell. Using articles and blogs businesses can sell and outline their products. This helps the businesses create leads to business. 

Why Blogs? 

According to CBO, 82% of business admit that blogging is crucial to their business. And this is because of their ability to funnel their potential customers to convert them into customers. By providing your customers with an in-depth review of your products or outline of their uses, you can help your customers make the decision to use your product. Apart from this it can help you with your SEO & PR rankings. 

One of the most important facets of writing is the fact that you can connect with your customers. Instead of writing a sales pitch and trying to push things down your customers throats-write about what the customer really cares about. Always make sure you are writing toward your customers’ needs and challenges. Establish an emotional connection instead of just focusing on selling products and services.  

If this hasn’t convinced you, here are 4 reasons to write more: 

It Boosts SEO 

Search Engine Optimisation is a website ability to show up in Search Rankings. That is when you search for something on Google. The higher you rank for a keyword, the more traffic you will get from Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search websites. 

It Boosts Customer Engagement 

Because blogs are easy to share on social media and can revolve around trending topics such as industry news, they are a great way to grow customer engagement both on and off your website. Apart from this, it also helps you build more trust around your business and brand. 

Show yourself as an Industry Leader 

Every business wants to be the one who gets copied. The innovative one who is bounds ahead of the rest. They want to be the industry leader. Having a blog with good quality content is a great way to grow your business and establish your business as an industry leader in your community. Think Neil Patel. This will help you get more Leads to Business. 

Build Brand Awareness 

The more you share, the more people will see you, and the more people will get to know you. This builds your brand, its reach and your audiences’ awareness of your brand. A higher brand awareness can help you increase sales and trust. 

Use your knowledge and expertise about your industry or niche to establish yourself as a trusted source of information. Your goal here is to become recognized in the industry as a thought leader or influencer, which will attract more clients to you. This doesn’t have to be complicated; most of the time it simply means translating your expertise into a blog, social media post, guest blog, or other content work. 

If this has not convinced you to start writing, then I don’t know what will. But writing can be a tedious and time-consuming task. From keyword and topic research to the content creation itself. If you outsource your Blog Management to us, we can help you grow your business using your blog. This takes the stress off you of having to put words on a page.  

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