How to use Twitter for your business in South Africa?

Twitter is often referred to as the social media of celebrities. Thanks to the nature of the program, these “tweets” are often impromptu thoughts or ideas from the person themselves. This means it could be a great way for your small business to create an authentic connection with your audience.  

What exactly is a tweet?  

A tweet is what a post on Twitter is referred to as on Twitter. It is also what sets Twitter apart from any other social media platform. A tweet has a limited character count of 280. Before September 2017, the limit was half that. This is the beauty of the platform. Everything has to be short, concise, and to the point. 

4 Steps to Help Your Twitter Business Account Succeed:  

  1. Define Your Target Audience. 

The first step, as in any marketing endeavour, would be to define your target audience. Without knowing who you are talking to, it is nearly impossible to get people to listen. 

  1. Develop a content plan 

Once you know the person who you are trying to attract, you can now build a content plan on how you are going to bring value to this person.  

(Pause, didn’t I read in the intro that this was an IMPROMPTU way to communicate with my audience. What is this about a content strategy?!)  

You can certainly upload your crazy 3 a.m. thoughts to your business Twitter, but keep in mind the image you are projecting to the public. If you are a rockstar, those 3 a.m. thoughts are your image. If you are an accounting firm, not so much. 

  1. Optimise Your Profile 

Once you have your content plan, it’s a matter of profile optimisation, which is just a fancy way of saying let people discover your profile, and when they do find it, decide to hit follow to get more of the value you provide to your community.  

  1. Post content  

The final step is the reason people want to follow you. You have your kickass content strategy and your profile is the (that means it’s really good, you’ll get it eventually). Now it’s a matter of implementing your strategy so your future patrons see how awesome of a business you are, start trusting you, and, as a result, give you all your hard-earned money for whatever product or service you are selling.  

It sounds simple enough. In theory, it’s a simple four-part strategy. In practice, it’s a bit more complicated. That is why we are here to help. Let us worry about the details of Twitter while you focus on solving the big problems! 

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