How to use a blog to get more customers?


Creating a blog on your website is easy, especially if you are using a website builder such as WordPress. As the saying goes “Content is King”. And so you have probably started updating your companies blog weekly in the hope of building your SEO and web presence to attract more customers. At BRBD we have used blogs to generate leads for ourselves and our clients.

However, after doing this for a few weeks you may have realised that it is not as easy as it looks. So how do you increase the traffic and sales coming through your blog?

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8 Tips to get more customers with your company blog

Post more often

I know the idea of posting more than you are already can seem Ludacris. However, it has been proven over and over that more good quality content can help boost your SEO. The key here is to ensure that the content is High Quality. As Quality is always better than Quantity.

Include More Call To Actions

I know this can seem hard, as you don’t want to make your blog to salesy. That beings said, if you don’t tell your audience to do something, they won’t. So next time you post end with a soft call to action related to your post. This can give your customers the gentle nudge they need to check out the product page.

Use Images

As the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”. People like colour and they like pictures. So including them in your blog can help boost conversion rates.

Improve and Optimize your Blog for SEO

How to do this is an entire post on its own. But optimizing for SEO by doing Keyword Research and ensuring your posts are ranking on Google will help your traffic and conversions.

Be More Personal

I know you may be thinking “But this is a business Blog”. And while this may be true, most customers like to connect with a company on a personal level before they buy. So give them this opportunity in your blog.

Have good headlines

The number of times I have seen bad headlines is more than I could count. Salesy headlines line “Brad New”, “New product” and similar will not get you more readers. But “Tips” and solutions will. So, work on your headlines to highlight the solution and value you will add to the reader, enticing them to read your blog.

Work on your Website Design

A slow, clunky, non-unique domain blogs are not going to help you grow. It will frustrate your users sending them away from your blog and to the next best option.

Use Diagrams and Graphs

Diagrams and Graphs like pictures are more informative than text. However, more so than pictures, Diagrams and graphs often provide data from studies and are easy to understand. This adds more value to the user and improves their experience.

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With these tips, you should be able to grow your blog and conversions. But producing content is a hard process. From keyword and topic research to the content creation itself. If you outsource your Blog Management to us, we can help you grow your business using your blog. This takes the stress off you of having to put words on a page. With prices as low as R450 an article, you won’t get much better.

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