How to do TikTok Marketing in South Africa?

TikTok has fast become one of the most used social media platforms in the world. The platform has millions of active users and is made up of short videos often referred to as TikToks. These videos are less than 60s in length and comprise of anything from dances to tips, to baking, singing and much more.

From a marketer’s perspective the platform has a large user reach in comparison to other social medias. This is due to the platforms viral and sharable nature. But how does your business jump on and take advantage of this platform to reach its users?

How to use TikTok for Business?

Using TikTok for business is very different to other social media platforms because it is based around video content. This means more production and time compared to posting pictures on Instagram. Another aspect to take into account is that TikTok is based around value, promotional content will not work. You are bidding for user’s time against many other users posts and to get Infront of your users, your videos much be valuable to the user. But how do you sell from value?

People buy Honda’s for their reliability, people buy Apple because of its features, people buy vellies because you can walk in them forever. These are all brands that have provided value through selling. They don’t tell people to buy their products, they simply tell you how to use them.

How to Create Valuable Content for TikTok marketing?

Creating valuable content rather than promotional content can seem like a confusing task for many business owners like yourself but stay with us and you will see the rewards.

Here are five tips to make your TikTok content more valuable:

  • Make sure your content is interesting to someone who doesn’t buy your product. E.g., a game reserve could share some interesting facts about tracking spoor.
  • Give without asking to receive. What we mean here is that you should give tips, information, and value without expecting anything in return.
  • Be authentic and real. Film yourself with your cell phone. The more real and relatable the better.
  • Show what your product can do. If you sell running shoes, run up a mountain and post a video about your run, people will see your branding and naturally be intrigued.
  • Be entertaining! Make a joke, be fun, don’t be so serious. This way you will connect with your viewers and make a personal professional connection with them.

TikTok may be a newer concept in the marketing world, but there are many opportunities for you to take advantage of the reach and shareability of the platform. Mix in your content on Instagram Reels and you have a winner!

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